Friday, January 2, 2009

The Plan

I talked a bit last time about what I was going to do. Now I want to expand that by talking some more about what I will do over the next year.

The first step is to consolidate all of my previous thoughts on AI into a central resource. I have several dozen pages from spiral notebooks to Moleskine notebooks to blog entries to go through. I ordered a scanner so I wouldn't have to type out the handwritten notes. I can just use OCR to speed up the process.

The second step is to organize the AI books I have and determine what areas I should work with. I'll likely gain direction from what's in my notes.

Step three is to take n0tes from these resources and add them to what I will have already transfered. I'll also try to keep this blog uptodate about what is going on.

In the end, one year from now, I should have enough ideas to be able to create an AI architecture to build. What form will it take? What specific abilities will it have? What will I name it? We'll find out.


  1. I comment a bit on what to consider *before* starting to study AI on my blog at and address the larger issue of the problems with symbolic and logic based (Reductionist) AI on my main theory site . I have a few unpublished videos of talks I've been giving that I'll provide a link to if you ask in an email.

    - Monica

  2. Hey, did you ever successfully consolidate your writings? This is something I'm going to have to try to do in the future too. I think something like a Wiki will be the only way, and I also think I'm going to end up rewriting a lot of stuff, not just moving it all to a central location, because my thoughts on things have changed too much for that to be satisfying.