Monday, March 29, 2010


Just did a bit more thinking and streamlined my goals.  (By now you might be thinking I have ADD, which I don't, but it would explain a lot.)

Learn Lojban and create a computer interface using it
Learn Japanese
Write a book on my Four L philosophy
PhD in Artificial Intelligence
Create my Flow programming
Start a business with personal AI's that are mentors/companions/secretaries

I'm going to learn Japanese (I still think showing that I learned a complex language on my own would go a LONG way toward getting me accepted into a PhD program) at my own pace without teaching in Japan for a year.  The teaching would certainly help my Japanese, and give me more teaching experience, but it would also drain my finances and put off my PhD for two years.
I want to spend the next year learning Lojban and programming a computer interface with it.  Then I'll start taking classes in Japanese in the Fall of 2011.  I might even start working through the Rosetta Stone software and using the Kana flashcards before then.  I want to have my book written in the next two years so that the royalties will help with my college expenses.  I also plan on applying to start a PhD program by the fall of 2013.  It's a bit ambitious, but doable (I hope).  I have a LOT to do before then. 
First five steps (as of 3/29):
Begin working through Lojban tutorial three hours every week
Buy GRE vocab flashcards and learn them before July (review after roadtrip)
Find researcher in AI/Education and read their papers
Buy low level computer science book and begin reviewing fundamentals
Start filling out outline of 4L book.

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