Monday, March 29, 2010

False Steps?

Am I handling things in the wrong order?  Cart before the horse?  Shoe before the sock?

If you look at my previous list, you'll see that I'm very focused on learning Japanese and teaching in Japan before the PhD.  This means that the PhD is put off for one or more years than it has to.  I still want to learn Japanese, but I can take Japanese from the university I'm teaching at (for free!) after getting the PhD.  I can even attend conferences in Japan to improve my Japanese.  Also, how much would teaching in Japan really help me get into grad school?

I need to switch around my priorities.  Lojban, 4L, PhD, then Japanese.  This changes a lot of things.  I can also extend the amount of time I want to spend on a PhD by a year or two, which will make it much easier (though I still want to get through the program as quickly as possible).

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