Monday, March 1, 2010

First Steps

I've aparently had this blog for a while and have never written a post to it.  That changes today.  I've decided to start blogging about different topics, listed below, and wanted a place to tie everything together.  That is what this blog is for.

AI Education
My oldest blog, it's about my efforts to work with artificial intelligence.  I'm thinking about renaming this to something like Intelligent Artificial Intelligence in the near future.

License to Learn
This is about my exploration into learning and education.  I'll talk about both formal and informal education, from K-12 through university, and beyond.

Four L Philosophy
I've recently started to come up with my personal philosophy, something to live by.  I have barely begun to refine it into a livable, actable philosophy, and this blog will reflect my efforts toward that.

Ordinary Lojbanner
My (currently) final blog is about my learning the constructed language Lojban.  It's not a very widely regarded language, but it is one of the few that is parsable by a computer, which suits my needs for the moment (see the 2/28 post on AIEDU).

Will I always have all of these blogs?  I doubt it.  I'll likely consolidate and/or expand as I go on.  If I find more interests, I'll create new blogs.  Maybe I'll eventually bring them into this one.  Maybe I'll even create my own domain and move everything there.

Time will tell where this journey leads.  One thing is certain, it'll be good for a laugh.

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