Wednesday, March 31, 2010


While I'll continue to post on my blogs, I won't make much progress toward my goals this weekend or next week.  I'll be visiting my family starting Friday and bringing my brother down to spend the week with me.  As for the short term goals, here's the latest:

Begin working through Lojban tutorial three hours every week
Study my GRE flashcards and learn them before July (review after roadtrip)
Determine what general area I want to focus on while working toward my PhD
Buy low level computer science book and begin reviewing fundamentals
Start filling out outline of 4L book.
I started the first on Monday and will continue tonight.  I ordered my GRE flashcards, which arrive today.  I have a list of possible areas of study for my PhD; I'll continue to add more and weed out ones that don't interest me enough.  I have a few low level computer science books on the way.  Finally, I have my outline for the Four L book written out and will start to work through the content on its blog.
I'm making progress.

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