Monday, March 29, 2010

Lojban - Lesson 1, Page 1

Didn't think I'd keep all of the fun to myself, did you?  I'm taking my notes here.  Just the basics, really.  The real lessons are through the links that I'll provide.  As a disclaimer, I'm not making any money off of this.
Book - What is Lojban - page 32


a - father, top (not hat)
e - get, bet, lens
i - machine, green (not hit)
o - bold, more, joke, note (not so)
u - cool, boot, shoe (not but)
y - sofa, above

The o throws me off a bit.  The vowel sound in bold and so sound the same to me.  I need to work this one out a bit more.  Looks like the o has a hard stop.  This is similar to the a versus the y.

Diphthongs - Rising

ai - high
au - cow, how
ei - bay, hey
oi - boy

Diphthongs - Falling

ia - yard
ie - yell, yeah
ii - ye
io - yo
iu - beauty, you
ua - wander
ue - well, question
ui - week
uo - woe, quote
uu - woo

According to the book, the second set of diphthongs are found either by themselves or within Lojbanized names.

Next time, we'll pick up the consonants.  

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  1. I've just ran into your blog, and I'm really interested in what I saw.
    I'm still in the process of graduating :) in CS, and I'm learning lojban as well. I'm interested in what you did with the parser, and also interested in lojban used for Knowledge Acquisition and Representation :) (when I first saw the language, I thought of that, since what I like the most from CS is AI).
    I've started just 3 months ago to learn (taking my time, since I'm really busy), and I'm doing something like what you're doing; a blog with my experience learning it :)
    About the "o" problem: I don't pronounce bold and so similar, but if you have problems with them, forget them! Think of "more", "joke", "note", "fork", "fond"... and exagerate them (all of the vowells).
    One problem with English speakers is that they don't open their mouths :P so try that.
    We might help each other with this, so I hope you keep learning, and to hear from you soon :)

    mu'o mi'e .leos.