Monday, March 22, 2010

The Long Road

Here's the list again, though more inthe order that they will be accomplished:

Learn Lojban and create a computer interface using it
Learn Japanese, possibly teach English in Japan for a year
Write a book on my Four L philosophy
PhD in Artificial Intelligence

Create my Flow programming
Start a business with personal AI's that are mentors/companions/secretaries

Notice that I removed homeschooling form the list.  This is because I have less control over the outcome of this; will I even have kids?  With everything else on my list, I will likely be closer to 40 by the time I'm in a position to have any.
As for the rest, the order and even content might change over time, but I'm already working toward the first three steps.  I'm also starting to look more into other aspects of them that I hadn't thought much about, such as finances.  It's going to be a long, but worthwhile road.

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