Monday, March 29, 2010

PhD Focus

I need to decide what to focus on while earning my PhD.  In other words, what research will I pursue?  This is very important, as an academic's future is typically decided by their dissertation topic.  As I am using this blog to discuss this, I'm sure my astute readership will have picked up that AI is my main area of focus.  Unfortunately, AI is far too broad a topic.  It's a kingdom when I need to focus on a fiefdom.

There are a great number of subtopics to choose from, when looking at pure AI.  But only a normal person would focus on something from a single area of interest.  Those that follow my other blogs will notice that I have other interests as well.

So will I combine AI with philosophy?  Lojban?  Japanese?  I suppose I could combine it with Flow, but that's something that I just want to work on in my spare time.  No, my other big interest is education.  Broadly, how can AI improve human education?  Educational research has shown that one on one is the best way to teach someone.  And more and more schools are using laptops, netbooks, and/or tablets in the classroom. 

This also ties in with my wanting to start a business that sells AI mentors/secretaries/assistants.

So I should be on the lookout for a university that does research in both AI and cutting edge educational technology.

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