Monday, March 8, 2010

Purpose in Life

Writing in my L2L blog made me think about why I have these blogs.  I've talked about this a bit in the past, but I think these blogs are going to help me find my purpose in life.

I'm a firm believe that we make our own purpose in life, and that we invite people to give us a purpose for their benefit rather than ours if we don't choose.  I choose to live this life for me and those I care about, which means I need to make the effort to discover what it is I will do with this life. 

My interests, and possible purposes, seem to be with education or AI at this point.  I'm also a sucker for kids, even if I don't have a blog about that.  Yet. 

So does my purpose lay in teaching young children while working on AI in my free time?  Or maybe being an online professor while working on AI and homeschooling my kids in my free time?  Or maybe....  The possibilities are endless.  But what is the right path?  I'm almost on a meta-journey; a journey to find my near optimal journey...

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