Monday, March 15, 2010

The Road Not Taken

Probably my biggest fault (out of the many that I have) is that I have difficulty choosing my path through life.  I'm starting tho think that this is because I can see how many paths I could choose from. 

If I see 100 paths in front of me, as I tend to do, and each are 'worn about the same', as per the famous, yet misunderstood Frost poem, how do I choose which one to take?  One may seem attractive for a short time, but then I take a longer look at one or two of the others and get inticed toward that path.  Five or six changes later and I'm back in the first path I was considering.

Another point is that I understand the issue of opportunity cost.  If I take one path, I cannot take any of the others.  At best I'll find similar paths later on.  In my own life, if I choose to start my own business, I won't have much time to take classes toward learning Japanese.  If I go to Japan for a year, I lose the opportunity to do something else.

Life is simply choosing one path after another, for better or worse.  For those of us who tend to spin our wheels, we're literally going nowhere.  Choosing no path is a path unto itself, one that simply takes paths away from us without giving us anything in return. 

It's far past the time to stop spinning my wheels and start moving forward.  I'm constantly telling people which 'path less traveled' I'm going to take, and then I just stand there, not choosing.  If I am going to accomplish anything in this life, I need to choose.  Today.

The downside of 'choosing', which I have done multiple times in the past, is that I will almost certainly take yet another look and think about how it would be great to take a different path.  Many paths seem to be constantly open to me.  There is a lot of temptation there.  I'm starting to think that I may need to burn some of my bridges behind me.

For instance, if I choose to learn Japanese and go to Japan to teach for a year, I would do something to make the path of starting a business, getting a PhD, or anything else less attractive for that period of time.

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