Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Transcript Answers

Got an answer back.  Turns out that as long as I say I have a BS degree, they don't need proof.  Odd kind of bureaucracy.  I was also advised that I would have to wait an additional two days before signing up for Fall classes on July 14.  Either way I would have been on my vacation.

As I'll explain in more detail in a later post, I'm not going to take quite as many math classes at this community college.  I have decided that I want to focus on the brain/mind overall, as well as how to model it.  My PhD Aspirations page has been updated to show PhD programs that are out of the running (for now).  I won't need Calculus 3 or Differential Equations.  I might even just take Trigonometry, Statistics, and Calculus I.  Maybe more if I find I enjoy getting back into math.  I need to think about this more.

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