Friday, June 11, 2010

Digital Windows

I had a great idea last night for a viable business.  First, a question:  What would you want in a window-less office?  A window, of course.  But that's difficult when the office is in a basement or the interior of a building.  If you can't get a window naturally, your only other option is to make an artificial one.  Behold, the digital window.

The product would be a frame, in various sizes, that showed an outdoor theme.  This would be similar to a digital picture frame, but more like a movie or, later in the business, a simulation.  You can look up after completing an important assignment and take a break by looking out the window and seeing part of the Amazon rain forest.  Or the Sahara desert.  Or the lunar landscape.  Early versions would have smaller frame sizes and a simple looping movie.

But later version will be much more interesting.  Imagine using a partially interactive program (through a mic in the frame) that would allow animals seen in the frame to react to a noise you made.  Or random weather.  Or seasons matching what is actually outside.  Perhaps even custom programs that actually do mimic what's outside.  And maybe fantasy realms, both original and from popular books, movies, and games.  Using a program, various animals would act like the real thing, but without an obviously repeating loop.

Would you want a digital window?

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