Friday, June 4, 2010

PhD Program Profile: Brown University

Location:  Providence, RI
Program Name:  ScM and PhD in Cognitive Science
Department Name(s):  Department of Cognitive and Linguistic Studies
Program Goals (direct from website):

  • be widely knowledgeable about the field of cognitive science, the questions it seeks to address and the methodologies used to study these questions;
  • have sufficient skill in cognitive science methodologies in order to be able to conduct high quality independent research;
  • have developed teaching skills commensurate with the responsibilities of a college-level faculty member;
  • have read extensively and deeply in at least two substantive areas of cognitive science, one of which will be the student’s dissertation area;
  • be able to read, interpret, synthesize, and build upon published literature in cognitive science empirically and/or theoretically; and
  • have made an independent research contribution to the field.

Minimum GPA:  Unknown
GRE Scores:  Unknown

  • I think I have a respectable chance at getting accepted
  • tuition is paid for the first five years
  • allows/requires both a primary and secondary specialization
  • offers interesting areas of specialization
  • gives me a second Master's degree
  • offers a teaching certificate

  • this is one of the colder schools, location-wise
  • website lacking in organization and appeal

Thoughts:  I really like this program.  Not only is it in a location I like, but it goes into topics that I would very much enjoy learning about.  I had a difficult time coming up with negatives at this point, but I'm sure they're there.

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