Saturday, June 5, 2010

PhD Program Profile: Indiana University

Location:  Bloomington, IN
Program Name:  PhD in Cognitive Science, with option graduate certificates
Department Name(s):  Cognitive Science Program, plus minor in other department
Program Goals:  "gaining a better understanding of the human mind, of teaching and learning, of mental abilities, and of the development of intelligent machines that either simulate or augment the capabilities of human minds in illuminating ways."
Minimum GPA:  Unknown
GRE Scores:  Unknown
  • offers graduate certificates in very interesting areas
  • the program is very broad, giving me many choices (which I will explore later)
  • he program includes many departments, giving me a diverse education
  • it's not too far from my family
  • offers fellowship in cognitive modeling (requires joint PhD with Psychology)

  • I don't know how difficult it will be to get in
  • the number of directions I can take here make deciding difficult

Thoughts:  I am really attracted to this program.  I'm currently leading toward the cognitive modeling fellowship, which requires a joint PhD with psychology and a certificate in modeling.  I would want to add a dynamical systems certificate, as I would focus on dynamical modeling.  Expect a followup post later.

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