Saturday, June 5, 2010

PhD Program Summary

I just spent some time looking at my preferred PhD programs in more detail.  As a result, I moved two to "Slightly Under Consideration" and one or two to "No Longer Under Consideration".  I now have four choices.  More importantly, I have a more specific focus on what I want to specialize in:  dynamical modeling of cognition.  I think this would be the best mix for me to better understand the brain while making use of my programming skills.  It also means I have to change my mind on what math classes to take.  Studies of dynamics requires knowledge of differential equations.  This means that I would benefit, both for getting into a program and for doing well in it, by taking Calculus III and Differential Equations after all.  I now have seven math classes I need to take during the next two years.  I have from Fall 2010 through Winter/Spring 2012.  I think I'll take the stats class along side of another math class.  I just hope they offer what I need.  I should also be prepared to take a class during the first summer session in 2012.

Sometime in the next couple of weeks, I'll take time to look at my four remaining PhD programs in more detail, detailing the classes they offer.  This should help me place the programs in an order of preference.  Then I'll look at the faculty and research opportunities.

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