Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pre-PhD Learning

I mentioned before how I'm going to take some classes at a community college before entering a PhD program.  Now that I am waiting only two years, I find I need to reduce the number of math classes I plan on taking.  I'm still taking Trig, but probably the one that includes an Algebra refresher.  I want Stats, Calc I, and Calc II.  I'm really leaning toward Linear Algebra, though that should be a bit of a refresher, since I took it several years ago.  I'll need to take a class next summer to take all of them. 

I am also leaning toward taking Japanese I, at the least, to see if I enjoy it or not.  If I do, I'll continue on through up to Japanese IV, if they offer it at the right time.  I also want to gain some art/music skills.  As such, I'm looking at basic drawing, sculpture, and piano.  I want to have a bit of fun so I don't get completely lost in academia.

Still waiting for the Fall class offerings to be posted...

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