Friday, August 6, 2010

Grand Project Details

After considering my Grand Project, I did spend time thinking about what I would need to do to work toward completing it.  I'm not trying to list every step; any good project will evolve as it's being worked on.  I have topics I need to learn more about to get this project moving.  The first and foremost one is neuroanatomy.  While my architecture will be based on the cognition within the brain, that cognition is based on top of its biological substrate.  The mind comes from the brain. 

While I learn neuroanatomy, I will be focusing on the cognitive processes behind it.  Based on current research, what cognitive processes are thought to be involved with the hippocampus, the medulla, and the frontal cortex?  Which processes talk to each other?  How do they affect each other?  If I wanted to build a brain, I would have a massive neural network.  To get a mind, it will be entirely different.  The brain must be understood, but is not the thing being modeled. 

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