Friday, August 6, 2010

Grand Project

One bit of advice I've read up on is always having a Grand Project.  This fits into my personal philosophy of have at least one large, long-term goal.  One important strategy that I fully admit that I'm not good at is breaking up a large goal into more easily achievable smaller goals.  This is one skills I want to pick up before entering a PhD program. 

But I'm getting off the main topic.  The main announcement for this post is what my Grand Project is.  Here we go:

I will build a full cognitive architecture over the next twenty years.

The main reason I'm saying it here is for a bit of accountability.  I'm not the best at following through with either large or small goals.  This is something else I need to fix.  Another reason is to get feedback.  I get VERY few comments on this blog, though I'm not surprised:  writing about one's life doesn't draw many people.  This is why Live Journal didn't survive.  About half of the comments I get are spam.  Those get sent away quickly.  Other comment on Google Buzz instead.  I don't mind, but having the comments here would be better for generating a bit more discussion. 

But back to the Project.  This is not the first Grand Project I have conceived of.  I've had many.  And I've told many people about them.  This has generated a good bit of expectation that I rarely delivered on.  Now, I have a lot to live up to if anyone will take me seriously.

Why cognitive architecture?  It's a major step toward AI.  It fits in with my academic interests, so my PhD is a major step for this project.  It will be a lot of fun.  It will be a useful end results.

What do I want to have at the end of this project?  My loftiest goal is to have a CogOS, a cognitive operating system, set up like Linux, and possibly built on top of the Linux kernel.  If this occurs, we can even develop EmbeddedCog, an embedded OS useful for AI robotics.  The development of a CogOS would be a major stepping stone for beginning AI developers.

I know the road will be long and difficult.  But I feel it will be worth it.

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