Sunday, October 17, 2010

New Goals

My previous set of goals were too rigid, and not of much use.  I've since modified them into something more useful.

1.  Personal Goal:  Be a well-rounded person.
2.  Social Goal:  Develop a life of family and community.
3.  Reaching/Stretch Goal:  Work toward the completion of a Grand Project.  Then work on another.
4.  Professional Goal:  Work for myself.

These are all life-long goals, no end date and no end state.  After all, I've been saying that life is about the journey, not the end.  I want my journey to be fun and fairly adventurous, not something that I will put off until I'm 'ready'.

1.  My Personal Goal

I know that most people live their life to a specialty.  And I know that the most successful people tend to have a useful specialty.  However, there is something to be said for being a generalist.  A generalist can better adapt to new situations; a specialist tends to be helpless outside of their specialty.  Right now, I plan on studying a wide variety of areas, such as mathematics, science, philosophy, psychology, economics, literature, art, music, physical fitness, civics, history, language, geography, and so on until I find subareas of each that draw me in.  Maybe a specific author in literature, a particular sport, a certain language (Japanese), and such.

2.  My Social Goal

I've mentioned that one thing that I truly want in my life is my own family.  I decided to expand upon this goal a bit.  I want to settle down in a community that I fit into and can be a part of.  It should be a diverse place with a lot of things going on.  I would really enjoy a location with some sort of Halloween festival every year. 

3.  My Reaching Goal

I cal this my reaching goal because I will need to spend a lot of time and effort on it, so it'll be a bit of a reach.  Yes, I know the name itself is a bit of a reach.  If anyone out there has a better name for it, feel free to share.  As for the goal itself, I have a list of 'Grand Projects'.  The term simply means that it's a long term project that will take years and a lot of effort to complete.  Given that a Grand Project will take so much time and effort, I should only work on one at a time.  I'm looking at my Role Playing Game Generator (RPGG) as a fun project.

4.  My Professional Goal

This goal is all about how I will make a living.  I'm hoping to make money off my Grand Projects, eventually, but even an optimistic estimate of how long that will take is list in years, not months.  Another thought I've had is to start setting up a blog about critical thinking and problem solving.  General tips and tricks to make a person a better thinker.  Maybe write an ebook or two.  I probably wouldn't make much; the average person seems to avoid thinking whenever possible, but it would be fun, and I would learn a lot.  Still looking at my options.

And there you have it:  four open goals that should last a lifetime.  They're general so that I can fill them in with a wide variety of things.  They're just specific enough that I feel the need to make sure I'm always doing something to work toward them. 

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