Sunday, October 17, 2010

Winter Classes

The winter schedule is now here.  I've already worked my way through the list, noted which classes I want to take, and selected three.  I've also decided to look more toward online courses, as they give me MUCH more freedom.  It also makes the boss happier, since I don't have an excuse to avoid too much travel.  Since I decided not to go back for my PhD, I'm a lot more free in what I get to choose.  And without further adieu, here they are:

Piano II
Informal Logic (Critical Thinking) - Online
Shakespeare - Online

The first two might not shock anyone who knows me, but that last one might.  I've never really been into literature before, and don't really expect to become a literature geek now.  However, it fits two roles in my first main goal of being a well-rounded person.  First, it gets me to think about something completely different than I usually do.  Second, the writing assignments should help me improve my writing skills.  It might even help a bit with my selected Grand Project:  the RPGG.  It gives me a bit more experience in plot and characterization. 

Should be a fun semester.

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