Sunday, January 2, 2011

Business Idea - Virtual World Creation

This is one of my odder ideas.  I'm not even sure exactly where it came from, other than creating a virtual world would be fun.

Basically, the business would offer a product:  a virtual world (VW).  Weird.  Maybe.  My target market was going to be to writers, video game designers, researchers, and the like.  There would have been three levels of products:  stock VW that could be resold again and again; one of a kind VW; and custom made VW. 

There would also be various levels of detail, from basic geological setup, to ecology, to intelligent culture.  The highest level would even include a simple constructed language. 

The end result would have been a CD/DVD with all of the low level data, as well as a walkable VW.

While much of the process could be automated, who would really buy their own VW besides me?  Yes, I'm weird.

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