Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sushi Exploration

In case I do end up going to Japan, I'm slowly preparing myself by studying the culture, learning the language, practicing using chopsticks, and trying various kinds of sushi.  Each time I eat at Shangri La, a local pan-Asian restaurant that I frequent twice a week, I try a new type of sushi.  I'm going the kinda expensive route of ordering a single piece, but I figure it's better than ordering the usual six pieces and not liking it.  Thankfully, I've enjoyed all the sushi I've had.  So far, this includes egg (chicken egg), tuna, salmon, and whitetail.  These are all nigiri sushi, where the egg/meat lays on top of the rice.  Tomorrow is our next visit to Shangri La, and I think I'll try something of the maki, or rolled, sushi.  Fun fact:  the word sushi refers to the rice used, not the fish.

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