Thursday, February 10, 2011

Book Recommendations

You might have noticed that I finally removed the 'PhD Aspirations' page.  And it only took me several months.  Well, I'm trying to improve my blogging by keeping the front level material relevant to my life.  That is why I replaced the old page with one containing recommended reading, both fiction and non.  The links are all affiliate links, earning me a little bit of money when someone buys one of them after clicking on the link.  I'm not going to ask anyone to buy the books through the links, but I would appreciate it.

I will be adding at least two books a month to the list, with the latest additions placed on top.  I will read each book at least once before recommending it (if I do).  I will give the book a rating from 1-5, with only books rated 4 or 5 making the list. 

You may also occasionally see affiliate links with a post.  I won't add them for each post, but will try to find a relevant book or two for each, when appropriate.

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