Saturday, February 26, 2011

Two Fundamental Problems

Last week, I talked about how everything is problem solving.  I spent some more time thinking about it and about categories of problems.  What I came up with are what I currently feel to be the two most fundamental problems facing humanity.  From what I can see, everything else seems to follow from these two.

1.  Getting people to think.
2.  Getting people to care.

If people took more time to think things through as well as to care more about themselves and others, things like peace, hunger, drugs, and even overpopulation would be far easier to resolve.  If you cared about other people, why would you want to fight them?  If you took the time to think about what drugs do to you, why would you take them? 

It's impossible to force solutions for either problem onto people.  And the older you get, the more difficult it is to get people to think and care (thankfully not always).  The best time to work toward these solutions is with children.  If parents taught their infants to think and care, and not use television as a babysitter, those children would grow up to make better decisions in their lives.

What could you do to be better thinkers and caregivers?  How would you change how you acted to be a better example to children?


  1. I've still been thinking about these two problems. I think it's sort of connected with embodied cognition. And I think people learn to compartmentalize their thinking and caring, more than they learn to switch it off altogether.

    I'm going to try and catch up on your blog, sorry I haven't been reading.

  2. Soon after writing this, I began thinking about this is closely connected to my Four L philosophy. I just needed to add 'Laugh' and 'Live'.