Saturday, February 12, 2011

Weekly Schedule

If there's one thing I don't enjoy is a strict schedule.  And if there's one thing I need is a strict schedule.  Over the past week, I decided to compromise.  In the book Refuse to Choose (see Recommended Reading), there was a suggestion about setting aside time in blocks of about an hour each to make oneself push forward on multiple projects at once.  While this isn't for most people, it could work for those of us who freeze up at trying to decide what to work on next. 

By scheduling my time, I know what subject I'll be working on.  By making each task an hour long, I don't get bored of it and I know it's not keeping me from working on something else.  For instance, Saturday at 9 is scheduled for writing in my blogs.  This post proves that I'm keeping to my schedule.  Other topics include writing, fitness (I'm getting more exercise because of this already!), programming, Linux, music, math, and a general topics time, for a more random selection of topics that I don't want to spent too much time on but am interested in.  I also give myself an hour reading time in the evenings, usually for fiction.  My class time, doing laundry, and shopping are also taken into account.

I've been doing this since Monday night and so far it's been working out.  I've moved a few things around, changed a few others, and mostly followed the schedule.  Occasionally I'll finish a chapter in a book 15 minutes before the hour is up and take a break.  I'm hoping that I can keep it up.  I'm modify it if I see larger projects I want to work on, or when my classes change.  Travel, working late, and being sick will hold me back, but the beauty of it is that none of my one hour tasks is required.  If I visit my family for the weekend, will it matter that I didn't learn about Linux at 4:00 on Saturday.  It also makes me write updates for this blog once a week, so no more two month blog vacations!

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