Saturday, February 26, 2011

Word of the Day: Intek

Sebastian, over at came up with a very useful word on 2 August 2010.  That word is intek.  In his first post about it, he explains that it means to go from knowing about a concept to being able to apply it.  In a followup post, he expands on it.

When you read a book on a new subject, often times, they'll cover material that you have learned before.  Most people tend to skip that section, and then struggle later on for it.  This is because they have read about it, but cannot apply it, especially in this new context.  Intekking is about going from reading about a programming language to writing a program in that language.  Any programmer would laugh at someone who claims to be a programmer, yet hasn't programmed. 

This post is my contribution to expanding this word's usage.  I didn't just use it before it was cool, I helped make it cool.  That's probably a first for me.

Have you intekked anything lately?

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