Sunday, March 13, 2011

Current Thoughts on Artificial Intelligence

My interest in artificial intelligence is no secret.  In fact, there are probably a hundred posts on this blog dedicated to it.  In a recent post, I talked about what I wanted from my future 20 years from now.  The main theme was artificial intelligence.  What I want to talk about here is how I plan on working toward that goal.

First and foremost, there are six (at least) prerequisites that I need to learn before working on some sub goals for my AI.  These are matrix theory, statistics, C/C++, electronics, automata theory, and music theory.  Beyond these, I have ten milestones, the last of which is artificial intelligence.  Some of these milestones are prerequisites for each other, such as computer graphics being required before creating virtual worlds.  Nine of the milestones need to be met before truly working on the final goal and milestone, the aforementioned artificial intelligence. 

Overall, I'm seeing my vision of AI, with all of the required milestones, taking the next 20 years of my life, if not more.  But that's only with me working diligently on it during most of that time frame.  It's kind of daunting. 

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