Friday, March 4, 2011

For Whom The Bell Tolls

My insomnia has informed me that it's holding my sleep hostage until I write another post.  It had better not be lying.

One thing I joke about at and after weddings is how I'm always the guest, never the groom.  Unlike many men, I'm more than willing to be taken off the market.  I feel I have a lot to bring to a partnership.  I'm mostly domesticated (I put the toilet seat down, even though I live alone), I'm trainable (see previous aside), and I have experience with young children (my siblings are all a lot younger than me).  Unfortunately, while I'm not an Joseph Merrick, I'm also no Adonis.  Women tend not to give me a second glance.  Kinda odd since it's typically men who get called out on only noticing physical beauty.

I also feel I have a fairly high standard when it comes to women, and I plan on sticking with it.  My standards are fairly loose with external beauty, but much more stringent with internal beauty.  Don't get me wrong, I have preferences when it comes to body type, hair color, and such, but I try not to get hung up on that.  And when introduced to overly beautiful women that I don't know, my IQ drops 30 or so points; I stumble, blush, and what comes out of my mouth doesn't resemble any human language spoken on this planet.

Sense of humor, personality, and intelligence count for MUCH more to me.  Someone without a sense of humor would go crazy after spending too much time near me.  I feel that a good partner in a relationship has to have the makings of a good parent, which necessitates having a good personality; a parent should lead by example.  I have a strong, but general sense of intellectual curiosity.  I would need to find someone who also wonders about a wide variety of universal matters; it would make for many interesting late night discussions.

I think that might be my main problem:  I feel the need to get to know someone before asking her out.  Given that my local social circle is entirely work-based, this presents some problems.  The obvious resolutions is to get out and about more.  But more on that in another post.

Time to go see if my insomnia honors our deal...

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