Sunday, March 20, 2011

Functional Triune Theory of AI - Further Thoughts

What would I count as success when developing an AI?  I don't want it to be creating a first generation AI, which I tend to codename SAM.  I'll be very happy if I can reach an artificial pre-intelligence, something I have yet to codename.  So far, all humanity has developed is artificial non-intelligence. 

Functional Triune Theory of AI
Level 1:  Artificial Non-Intelligence - reptilian complex functionality
Level 2:  Artificial Pre-Intelligence - paleomammalian functionality
Level 3:  Artificial Intelligence - neomammalian functionality

I would say that the layers build upon each other and that we are still in the Non-intelligence age of AI, despite many attempts.  This level, when thinking about using this to build the higher levels, needs to be the OS, or else a low level layer built upon it.  I want to build this within, or on top of, the Linux kernel.  By doing this, I can continue to build the higher levels on top of it, until my custom version of Linux reaches levels 2 and 3.

I don't know if I can do this within a single lifetime, but I plan on getting as far along the path as I can.

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