Sunday, March 20, 2011

My Four Goals

In a previous post, I mentioned where I want to be in 20 years, and then worked backwards.  In another post, I mentioned five values that, at this time, mean the most to me.  Between the two, I've worked out four major goals to work toward in my life. 

Artificial Intelligence
A Permanent Community
A Wife/Partner and Kids
A Wide Variety of Hobbies

These four goals can be seen as goals with final targets (once I get married and have kids, I'm done; once I have five hobbies, I can stop), but I see them as life-long accomplishments to aim for.  An AI can always be improved upon.  A community changes over time, so it takes work to be an upstanding member of one.  To avoid divorce, you always need to strengthen your relationship.  An atrophied hobby is a hobby no longer.

Now that I have life-long goals, I can start to break them down into finer details until they become shorter term goals to work on.  As always, my journey is to be continued.

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