Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Novel of Matt's Journey

If I were to write a novel about my life, it would begin something life this:

"Nothing seemed to click anymore.  From what he remembered of his childhood, most things eventually clicked in his head.  He would be learning a new mathematical concept and, after a few examples, it would click; the lightbulb would turn on.  Where's the click now?  Is that what adulthood is about?  It certainly seemed so, at least to him.  His life was an absense of clicking; work, family, relationships...  Nothing clicked."

Then I spent time thinking about what I would want out my my main character.  As I only have control of a single character in the story of my life, this would be by necessity a character-driven story; I would have to make my main character, me, as interesting as possible.  I finally came up with this:

"What do I want out of the main character?  I would want him to be able to handle what life throws at him, sometimes with help from others.  He needs to be interesting and fun.  He's eccentric and eclectic, so he should have an odd group of hobbies and an odd style.  He works out three days a week, enough to stay somewhat healthy, but not enough to bulk up.  He's helpful to others, but enjoys his solitude.  He's a generalist.  He works to fund his lifestyle and only that, but he seeks to use his hobbies to to generate that income.  As much as he considers himself odd, he would need to fall in love with someone else who is odd and has a sense of humor.  He tends to worry about how to get from here to there, even though there is the same for everyone in the end.  He should be quiet, laid back, and somewhat modest.  There's no reason to hurry through life."

To summarize:

I will:
  • be able to handle what life throws at me.
  • be interesting and fun.be eccentric and eclectic.
  • have an odd group of hobbies and an odd style.
  • work out three days a week.
  • be helpful to others.
  • enjoy my solitude.
  • be a generalist.
  • work to fund my lifestyle and only that.
  • seek to use my hobbies to to generate my income.
  • stop worrying about how to get from here to there.
  • fall in love with someone else who is odd and has a sense of humor.
  • be quiet, laid back, and somewhat modest.
  • not hurry through life.
How does the story end?  How should I know?  It's my story and there are still a lot of pages left.  But if I were truly writing it, it might end something like this:

"As the pain worsened, and the feeling of it numbed, he started to realize what it was all about.  Understanding did come, but over time.  Life became far more complicated as the years went by, and far less watered down.  Did society really do him a favor by making it so easy in the beginning?  Now really wasn't the time to answer.  The grip on his hand became tighter as his other senses became duller.  What was his purpose?  Did he fulfill it?  As his mind asked these questions for the final time, it all suddenly clicked."

The End (of the post, not the journey)

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