Saturday, May 14, 2011

Roundabout Redux

Oddly enough, even though I figured out I was on a roundabout, I still had difficulty getting off of it.  The circle of questions, especially question F, has continued to bounce around in my head. 

Up until this past week, I still had no idea what to do, despite all of my other posts saying differently.  I had been trying to follow the most common advice given those look for direction in their lives:  find your passion.  My problem is that while I have a lot of interests, I'm not really passionate about any of them.  Yes, I'm interested in artificial intelligence, blogging, Japanese, programming, philosophy, and so on, I'm not really passionate about any of them. 

I ended up writing down five tenets to follow:

Best is a moving target; just be damned good at a few things.
Anything worthwhile takes time and resources.
When you find what you love, never look back.
Don't over think; make a choice and stick with it.

As per tenet four, I decided to just choose something that I enjoy, or would enjoy, and stick with it.  That choice also worked with tenet one, as it would take a wide variety of skills.

Then I found this today:  It's a series of seven videos created by a person who was as fed up as I was becoming at the loads of bad advice in finding purpose in your life.  I watched all seven videos, wrote down the handful of things he told me to, and I now find myself with a purpose that is completely different to what I was looking at. 

My purpose is to help other achieve a strong sense of belonging by achieving a strong family, friends, community, home, and self by helping them find their self-worth.

For those of you who have met me in person, you might be wondering how I got to this?  Well, try out the videos, first.  If you still aren't sure, contact me.

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