Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Classes Chosen

After thinking about the classes available, such as the drawing and design classes I talked about before, I decided to take the three classes I listed.  All three are very different from who I am.  I am not a singer, a dancer, or an actor.  Well, ok, I did all right with previous ballroom dancing lessons, but nothing serious.

I don't care to take three classes, since I'm in no hurry, but some of these are rarely offered in the evening.  Drawing, design, and others I want to take are routinely offered at a good time for me.  Now I just have to wait until September...

Update, 6/21/11:
I'm not taking Improv, so that leaves Modern Dance and Vocal I.  I have several other things going on and don't want to spend all of my time in class.  I'll still take Improv at some point in time, but dropping this gives me a small 3 credit course load and more free time.

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