Friday, June 10, 2011

Just Two Things

I recently listed eight things I would enjoy doing and possibly making a focal point in my life. Just about every one of them has been mentioned on this blog at one time or another. Then I went through the pros and cons of each, think about my personal pros and cons as well as practical issues. Looking at that, I picked two from the list that had lots of pros and few cons.

1. Game Programming

I know I've talked about this before. I know I've also decided to spend a lot of time on it more than once. Yet, nothing has come from it. That's usually because I had moved on to something different. Yet, of all the things on my list, this one encompasses bits and pieces of the others, such as AI, writing, and possibly teaching.

You can't do anything in life if you keep changing directions. As of this post (and ignoring previous posts where I did something similar), I am going to move toward and eventually become a game programmer. I have a list of games I want to create/recreate, such as a Space Invader's clone, a science fiction-themed shooter scroller, a Zelda-like adventure game, and an RPG. And I still want to make my RPG Generator.

2. Japanese

I have discussed learning Japanese more than once, and have made multiple attempts at it. Now I plan to push myself to stay with it until I'm fluent. Yes, I said fluent. I want to me able to converse, verbally or in writing, with a native Japanese speaker. I have many, if not most, of the resources I need. I'm moving toward a more 'Japanese' environment by listening to Japanese music through Pandora; there's some research about how listening to the language helps to prep your brain for actually learning the language.

So there you have it. Fell free to start placing bets as to when I'll change my mind.

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