Tuesday, June 28, 2011

State of the Blog Address

Greetings, my fellow blog readers. 

This blog has been around, in some form, for several years.  I have had high points and low points in my posting during that time.  I've been better lately, but no one knows what the future will bring.  What I do know is that I plan on continuing this blog for some time. 

I know my readership isn't constant.  After all, this is just a personal blog, about the high and low points of my life mixed in with a few insights that pop into my head.  In other words, it's not really meant for a high level of readership.  And that's fine.

This is blog post number 304, according to the system.  That's higher than probably 90% of blogs reach.  It has had 2286 pageviews total.  The most popular page is Addendum to Layers, which is one of my older AI posts.  It has have 18 pageviews by itself, and 21 comments.  The comments are more or less a conversation with a friend of mine.  My more recent posts are catching up to it, at least my the pageview metric.

During the lifetime of this blog, my goals in life have changed time and time again, usually recorded in a blog entry.  I claim that this is one downside of being a generalist:  enjoying a lot of subjects, but not having a passion for one of them.  I'm still trying more subjects and exploring life, just to see if anything clicks.  And, yes, my goals have somewhat changed since the last time I talked about them here. 

That's about it for me.  See you in the next post.

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