Saturday, August 13, 2011

Learning Japanese, Two Weeks In

I started learning Japanese two weeks ago.  I wish I could say that I was progressing very fast, but there still isn't much to progress with.  We're still working on passive listening and shadowing, but have added doing a few things in an SRS, or spaced repetition system, called SuRuSu.  I've actually worked ahead a little bit and added the first six kanji to it.  These are some of the easier kanji, the numbers one through six. 

I've also been looking for media to expose myself to more Japanese.  I've found a few podcasts I enjoy.  I also just ordered Blues Brothers in Japanese.  I'd like to find more movies, but they tend to be fairly expensive.  I checked into buying a book from Amazon's Japanese site, but the $10 book had a $50 shipping charge.  I can use White Rabbit Express for shipping, but it still adds up; a movie in Japanese might cost twice as much as its English version.

Otherwise, things are going well.  I expect more with kanji over the next week.  I'll try to have a non-Japanese post out before then.

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  1. Matt,

    If you are feeling like you want to move ahead of the class, be careful not to set yourself up to be bored later on. Try to find something productive to study which won't overlap too much with what the class will teach you in a few weeks. Take a look at the lesson plan, and study something that isn't on it (if you can find such things). Just my two cents.

    Japanese-language media sounds like a good idea in this direction, to some extent. Other cultural things, like Japanese calligraphy, might be good later on. Japanese jargon for specific topics (like computer science?) might be a good thing to study that wouldn't overlap too much with the class.