Monday, September 12, 2011

3:00 AM Philosophical Craziness

It's not quite 3:00, but probably will be when I finish writing this.  It's this time of night that my insomnia kicks in through my inability to stop thinking long enough to fall asleep.  It's also the time of night when I think some of my oddest thoughts.  Given how odd my thoughts can be during the day, that's saying something.  But since I never guaranteed quality posts, here it is anyway, in a series of questions from imaginary readers.

What are the chances of you turning away from my current plans of teaching English in Japan?  If we look at my past, the chances are fairly high.  But if we look at how I feel about these current plans versus my old ones, the chances drop dramatically.  Each of my previous plans never really took hold in my subconscious nor played upon so many of my interests.  The only way I would change my plans completely now are if someone or something more important came along.  If it's a 'someone', I would do my best to convince her to go with me.  If not, or if it was a 'something', I would do a lot of thinking before changing any plans.

Where's Mrs. Matt and why haven't you talked about her journey?  Well, if you read the previous paragraph, you may have guessed that there currently isn't a Mrs. Matt.  The position remains open and I am accepting applications.  Qualifications include being open minded, being somewhat adventurous, enjoying long walks along the beach, and be able to put up with me.  Send queries to the comments below.

Why haven't you taken over the world with your diabolical mind?  The time isn't yet right.  All the other super villains rushed into it.  Once I take over the world, all readers are invited to the luau in my capital of Hawaii.  Yes, I'm so awesome that the entire state will be my capital.

How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?  Twenty-seven cord per hour.

And that's all the time we have as I cannot stop yawning.  Good night.

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