Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Learning Japanese, Nine Weeks In

A bit late, but work has gotten in the way.  Things should be slowing down for me very soon, giving me more time to work on my Japanese.

After discussing it with a couple of people, notably the person running the SilverSpoon program, I have decided to wait to learn Japanese Sign Language.  I'm behind enough as it is with my Japanese; increasing the time it takes and the complexity might slow me down enough to drive me away.  So, no JSL for now.

I'm still over 100 kanji behind where I want to be, despite my best intentions.  I have a bit more traveling this weekend and then a bit of quiet before the holidays pick up.  I'll try to work ahead in the kanji to catch up. 

Still nothing with the kana, though I'm very much ready for them.  I remember some of them, which should make it a bit easier. 

We started a new technique in the past week called copycat.  This is where we find a page, any page, of Japanese text and copy it to a sheet of paper, even the kanji and kana we don't know.  I haven't done any of there, yet, but will start soon.

Stay tuned for more as I start my TEFL certification and continue to move forward with my Japanese.

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