Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Where, When, and How

As I mentioned previously, I've been looking at where I wish to settle for a while.  At the top of my list is Indianapolis, IN.  It's not too far from my family, has a respectable population, contains everything I would want out of a city, doesn't have too many people, and is in the right environment for me. 

This week, I'm on vacation, though I did have a quick phone meeting with my new boss.  We were discussing my role with the next phase of the big project we're working on.  I was offered what amounts to a lead developer role, in deed and possibly in name.  The details should get pounded out my next week.  As this is the direction I want my career to move in, I'm opting to stick around a bit longer and wait another year to move. 

I'm also contemplating moving right now to where most of my coworkers would be located, which has a far lower cost of living that what I currently have.  This would let me save up even more money sooner for a house.  Another option is to go with my second choice of cities, Philadelphia, which I could do through my current job, making the move much easier.  The downside is that Philly is far bigger than I would want, it would be a bit too far from my family, and the move would cost a fair bit.  On the bright side, Philly has a LOT going on and is located relatively near DC and New York.

But Indianapolis still sounds better.  I think I'm going to try to transfer closer to my coworkers. 

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