Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Yet Another Japan Update This Week

The schedule is up for winter classes.  There isn't much I care for, but two stand out:  Child Development and Introduction to Education.  As they're offered on two different days, I can take one, both, or neither.  Let's look at the courses:

Child Development
3 Credits
The student will identify the major hereditary and environmental influences, needs, wants, and development tasks at each of the major stages of growth from conception to adolescence and interpret their significance for adulthood.
Introduction to Education
3 Credits
This course is a general and exploratory course in the field of education. Students will study topics selected from the following: current job market, teacher roles, educational philosophy, psychology, sociology, history, methods of instruction, curriculum, disciplinary practices, and current issues in education. It is suitable for students seeking instruction about professional or paraprofessional (Nursery Schools, Day Care Centers, Teacher Aides, etc.) activities in the field.

Six credits, while learning Japanese, earning a TEFL certification, and working full time.  Neither is offered online.  I'll have time to probably take a course during the first summer semester, but the offerings will be slim.  Of the two, The education class is easily the most useful.  If I take any courses, it'll be that one.

As for the TEFL certification, I'm going to stretch that out a bit.  After some research, the easiest English schools to work for like to send people to Japan either with the start of the school year in April or in late summer/early fall.  April is rushing things a bit, so I'm going to aim for August/September of next year.  

And the best news at all:  today's fortune cookie reads:  "Prepare for an exciting trip soon to come your way."

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