Sunday, November 6, 2011

On Flow

Every now and then, I talk about flow.  Flow is one of my five values, and probably one of the most difficult to define.  However, it is very easy to give examples of.  Flow includes physical flow, such as dance, martial arts, and simple movement.  Flow includes mental flow, such as logic, imagination, vocabulary, and being in the zone.  I'll even throw in traffic flow, for good measure.

But what does it mean to include flow as one of my five values?

When I talk about valuing flow, I want my body, my mind, my words, and my environment to flow.  I want to move gracefully, to wrap my mind around complex ideas, to talk poetically, and to live in an environment that works with me instead of against me. 

This is part of the reason I want to learn more about aikido, dance, singing, logic, system theory, poetry, and so very much more.  I realize that I could turn this alone into a lifelong project, but that would be neglecting my other four values.  As such, I want to focus on the flow that enriches my life the most and works with the other four values.  I'll be exploring these further in later blog entries.

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