Friday, December 30, 2011

2012, The Journey Continues

Goodbye, 2011.  We had our highs and lows, but it's time to move on.  I wish you all the best.

Hello, 2012.  Where have you been all my life?

It's been a fun year.  A lot of things have happened, both good and bad.  This blog officially went from 250 posts to just over 350.  My previous post has the all-time hit count high of 57 page views.  I know that's not very high, but it's not bad for a personal bog that isn't actively seeking readers.  If you Google "polymath", you will see a post of mine in the number ten spot.  That's not too shabby, since I wasn't working toward that, either.

Away from the blog, I took Piano II and enjoyed it.  I decided not to take classes this previous semester nor this coming semester, as my job is requiring more travel than ever, and I wanted to focus on other things.  Sadly, the main "other thing", Japanese, has fallen behind by a wide margin.  I set up a schedule at the beginning of the year to make room for a lot of interests.  That also fell behind, mostly because it was too formal; I don't do formal very well. 

I spent some time trying to decide where to live.  My short list currently includes Boston, Indianapolis, and Orlando, in that order, though Orlando is about to fall off the list (I enjoy having seasons far too much).  Indianapolis is quite a bit lower in the standings than Boston, as Boston gives me far more opportunities.  I did spent some time thinking about moving to Japan, but that put me against some of my other goals.  I still want to visit, sooner rather than later, but I don't think I'll ever live there.

The coming year holds much potential, though I do say that about every year.  This, though, will be the year when I move to where I might settle down.  That alone makes it important.  While Michigan holds much for me, namely in the way of family, it's not a place I really want to stay.  Boston, or wherever I move to, will give me more opportunities.  I'm also looking into moving into a different, yet related, field to what I do now.  I've mentioned before about C programming in Linux, and a few related ideas.  This is the year that I'm moving forward with that.  I've picked out my resources, both online and off, and have a plan to move forward.  I'll post more about that soon. 

Finally, I wish to give thanks to all those who read this blog.  It's fun to share my journey with you, even if the journey feels a bit mediocre at times.  I also enjoy the occasional comment I get, as it allows me to connect with you a bit.

Here's to a new year of opportunities and progress.

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