Sunday, May 20, 2012

Nearly Race Day

Six days to go.  Six days until race day.  I fully admit I'm a bit nervous.  My training has been lackluster, my back has been twinging, and doubts have been surfacing in my head.  I can handle the doubt; I handle them all the time.  I can handle my back by stretching and not overdoing my training.  It's the training that I can't get around.  If I had trained more, I would have pulled my back more.  But if I had done the right training more, I would have been better prepared.  I'll go over the pros and cons of my training and race after it's over.

Until then, this is all I have to say:

I am Matt.
I am number 6635.
I am running the Bayshore 10k in Traverse City on May 26.

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