Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Generalizing Versus Specializing

I've said in the past that I wanted to be a generalist.  I even laid out basic guidelines that made sense to me.  Yet I keep oscillating between actually working toward being a generalist and several different specialties.  It's similar to choosing between a Mastery versus several minors.  When choosing a Mastery, I typically have one choice to make.  With several minors, I have far more options.

As I mentioned last month, part of my quest for learning Japanese was to eventually use Japanese textbooks in 'science, robotics, and space history/exploration'.  That was the specialty I was heading toward: building robots to pave the way for humanity to the moon and beyond.  A bit melodramatic, don't you think?  Were I still in high school, I could use my college years to focus on that goal.  Going back to school is not a pragmatic choice at this time, and the longer I wait, the more difficult it would be to reach that goal. 

For the past several months, I've been feeling that my life has been on hold.  I've been waiting for direction in my life.  I've been waiting to buy a house to see where I want to live.  I've been waiting to progress in my career to see if I wanted to change it.  I've been avoiding relationships until my life had that direction and sense of home.  This was a mistake.

The either-or choice in the title of this post is a misnomer.  There is no choice.  We will specialize in somethings (playing a sport, a hobby, a job) and generalize in others (watching different sports, reading different genres).  Finding you way through life isn't about making that one right choice.  It's about living with the myriad of choice we make daily.  Each and every one of them will affect the rest of your life in some small way.  The best we can do is make the best choice we can at that time and enjoy the journey.

We will make good choices and bad choices along the way.  So long as we learn from all of our choices, life will improve and we will give a good showing.  So stop reading this and make one of those good choices.  Go for a walk.  Give someone you care about a hug.  Reread a favorite book from your childhood.  Go live.

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  1. Go build some robots! STAT! :D Or build an AI smart enough to troll people on the internet to no end! haha!