Wednesday, April 3, 2013

200 Squats: Update

Looks like my greatest physical liability has stopped me again.  Yes, my lower back is acting up, probably thanks to yesterday's run.  I walked/ran two miles yesterday.  My goal is to run the entire thing before I head home at the end of next week. 

This brings up an interesting question: which is more important right now, a general fitness challenge or my running.  As I've already signed up for my second 10k in May and really want to run the entire thing, I have to say it's my running.  As such, I need my non-running days to let my lower back rest and recover so I can improve the next running day.

I don't like giving up the challenge, especially as I made it half way through with no major issues.  However, I uhave to have my priorities straight.  Right now, running is a much higher priority.

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