Tuesday, April 30, 2013

When It Rains...

It's been an interesting month.  After dealing with a family emergency, I returned home (drove 1300 miles solo, hitting a badger on the way) to find myself in a new office that added 30 minutes to my commute.  Two weeks in, and I found myself soft of joining a new team, meaning I got to work with some new people, but still a lot of the same ones as well.

So far, not too bad.  I even got the heat working in my car, just in time for 70+ degree weather.  Also just in time for my engine to develop a fatal issue (I blame the badger).  So, my first week with my new team sees me not being able to drive to work with that team in person.  And they're a great team, too.

The solution to my current troubles?  Get my car towed 100 miles, learn how to drive a stick in one weekend, drive that manual transmission around until I get a new engine in my car, and hope that I don't eat all of my savings doing it.  Did I mention that the car I'll be driving is only a year younger than I am?

I also previously mentioned that I'll be taking classes again.  Well, that first class starts next week.  With everything going on, though, I had to drop out of it, for the second time.  Now I'll be starting the class next month.  Right now, I need the money and don't need the stress.  But I will be taking these classes; there isn't much that will stop my from that.

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