Friday, May 17, 2013


No, not the evil IRS kind.  (Just kidding, IRS.  Please don't audit me!).

I've been looking over the courses and, while far cheaper than any other option, it will still cost me a bit more than I care to spend to earn the degrees.  My solution?  Ignore the degree and audit all of the classes.  The only negative that I see is that I won't have a piece of paper at the end saying I know what it says I know.  Ok, a second negative is that dropping a course I registered to audit does not give me a refund.

There are plenty of good point about this plan.  Like I've already mentioned, it's cheaper at $100 per credit, undergrad or graduate.  That's less than a third of the cost.  I can also now drop all of the general education courses that don't teach me what I need to know, like the world history courses.  I'll still learn a lot about the history of astronomy and space exploration, but I don't really care the cause of the decline of the Roman Empire.  Sorry, Romans. 

Another benefit is that I won't be grade focused, but learning focused, which is how it should be.  I would rather get everything I need out of a course and earn a B than spend even more time learning things that won't help just to earn an A.  I'll have to be very focused, as all of my motivation will need to be internal (wanting to learn the course material) rather than external (wanting to earn an A, as defined by the instructor).  I've had trouble with that in the past, as evidenced by all of my dropped projects.

I just signed up for the first class (for the third time).  Can't drop it this time, but I'm not sure what else could pop up to stop me.


  1. Yes, this past Monday. It's just a class about best practices to taking an online class. I had the first week's stuff done on the first day.

    I stand out a bit in the class, as everyone else is going for their first degree. Over half are in the military. A few are older than I am.