Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My Motivation

What's my motivation?  Why do I want to put myself through such an intense two (and more!) years of learning the art and science of Japanese translation?  Am I truly insane?  Don't I have anything better to do?  What about the other parts of my life?  Don't I want to do anything other than work and learn?

These are questions I am starting to hear as I talk more about my journey to learn Japanese.  What most people don't even know yet is that the Two Year Challenge is only the beginning.  I couldn't do translation work after only the Challenge.  It's only the first step (or series of steps).  The real work starts afterward.

As I mention in the comments of my Challenge page, I have a four/six year program set up in my mind.  I haven't articulated it here yet, but I will one day.  The Two Year Challenge simply sets me up for the rest of it.  Hints on what I am working toward do appear here and there, though.  And did I mention that the two years after the Challenge will probably be more difficult?

So why am I putting myself through all this?  The answer largely lays here.  Please take a moment to visit the link and have a read.  This and the others on this site are a major source of motivation for me.

I choose to sweat now in order to avoid bleeding later.  I also want to get through this before I turn 40, though that's a little ways away, yet.  If it does become a six year plan, though, I'll be kissing the 40 mark. 

Oddly enough, I find even more motivation from two people younger than me.  The first is known as Astronaut Abby.  Abby will become one of the first astronauts to land on Mars.  Yes, I believe in her enough to be that certain.  Watch her Ted Talk and see why:

The second is even younger, but is equally motivated as Abby.  She goes by the call sign Blueberry, and also has a bright future ahead of her.  I applaud both of these girls, and have even contributed to the campaigns they mention on their sites.

As I get further into my Japanese studies, I'll create a new page, or change my current Recommended Reading page, to reflect the media that I'm using to expand my Japanese knowledge.  But that's several months to a year in the future.

As much motivation I get from what I listed above, another major source is the occasional comment I get, either here or on the WaniKani forums.  When I hear that others are looking into their own Challenge, it gives me a major boost with my own.  I feel that I can't let them down, not after leading the way a bit.  That is what carries me through the hours of studying that I do.  And I keep a certain thought in the back of my mind:  I can learn anything with enough time and effort.  I cannot and will not quit.

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