Sunday, May 4, 2014

Two Year Japanese Challenge Status: Week One

Well, that was a fun week.  And when I say fun, I mean lots of stress and overtime and more stress at work.  Oh, and I learned some Japanese.

Current status of the Challenge:  Green.

I'm going to keep a weekly update on the overall status of the Challenge both here and on the WaniKani website.  In fact, I might make a page on this blog to give a quick place to check, while giving fewer update posts here.  I'll work on that later.  I'll include overall status, how far I've gotten,  major successes, major failings, and lessons learned.  It'll also include the latest version of the plan itself. 

Lesson 1:  I can count on my WaniKani senpai to keep my motivated.  They're a great bunch to be around, especially for a solo learner like me.

Lesson 2:  Keep track of progress in multiple ways.  I have a chart where I can cross off 700 days of learning, another where I can check off the number of kanji I've covered, and a third where I can mark off each step (kanji, J-E, IMABI, etc) every day. 

Obviously, I'm still in Phase 1 after only a week.  I still have about six more weeks before hitting Phase 2 and watching what little free time I have go sayonara.  So far, not including what Japanese I'll be learning after posting this, I have learned/reviewed 140 kanji.  Some are trickier than others, and I'm reviewing them a lot more than the rest.  I also completed the initial review of the katakana, and will continue to review through Anki for a while.

I think that if I can survive the summer, and get past the current surge at work, I'll be in good shape.  I'm already learning to manage my time a bit better around my current lessons and will adapt to the changing circumstances from work and moving into later phases.

Link to the page.

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