Recommended Reading

Disclaimer:  These are all affiliate links.  I promise I won't add anything here that I haven't read myself at least once.

(5/5)  This is a GREAT book.  It's a graphic novel, so it's not for everyone.  My little brother, who isn't much of a reader, read this two or three times.

(4/5)  Those who have read my blog know I have a VERY large group of interests.  You may also know that I have a difficult time choosing between them, often causing deadlock and accomplishing nothing.  This book gave me a method of slowly working on a multitude of interests while not being beholden to a single one.  It's a good read.

(5/5)  This book is probably meant to be a joke more than anything, but I found that it was both entertaining and had some good ideas.  I just reread the book and am starting to implement one or two of the patterns.  I'll blog about the results, if there are any.

(5/5)  This is probably my favorite science fiction 'trilogy' in existence.  If you have never even heard of it, shame on you.

(5/5)  This is another great book.  Basically, it's a lot of simple techniques to make learning a little bit easier and automatic.  I'll be rereading it again in the next month or so and will extend this recommendation then.

(5/5)  Yes, a kid's book.  And, yes, I have a good reason.  This is probably the book that got me interested in science fiction in the first place.  It's the first in a four book series.  And, yes, I still reread it from time to time.

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